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26th September 2014
26th May 2014
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Display is your personal billboard which makes use of your phone's large screen to show messages.

If you:
are looking for someone..
want to advertise..
pass message to a friend..
address a crowd..
..'Display' is all you need to communicate over a distance, and be heard without making a noise!

'Display' comes with 4 preset texts and you can add as many as you want.

  • Straight-forward and simple UI
  • Lightening fast start-up
  • Infinite text scrolling
  • Tap on text to pause
  • Change size, style & color of text
  • Supports all keyboard languages and emoticons
  • Select from 9 different font faces
  • Background sound effects
  • Display current time
  • Save unlimited number of texts
  • Pin saved texts to start screen for instant viewing
  • Delete those you don't want
  • Live tiles with all three sizes

***** Free Trial *****
Trial version does not allow to save new texts or delete the presets. All other functions are fully accessible.

Update v1.2.0.0
  • Night mode - tap on clock icon
  • Added 'Blinking' effect
  • Added 'Sound Effect'
  • Option to disable sound auto-play
  • New tile icons
  • Improved UI, with fixes
  • Updated help/tutorial
  • Performance improvements

Do try it. Please rate and review it.
Use the in-app 'Feedback' in case you have any suggestions or problems.

• For best results, input text in upper case. In case text is not in middle, you can move it up/down too.
• Use the phone's volume keys to adjust sound effect volume.